Jerry D. Mead - 1939 - 2000

Jerry D. Mead's New World International Wine Competition was established in 1990.

Jerry D. Mead was a well known and syndicated wine columnist, publisher, and consultant. Mr. Mead was also founder of the worlds largest California-only wine competition, the Orange County Fair Commercial Wine Competition.

It was his desire to establish a wine competition that, for the first time in America and perhaps the world, pit the best wines from each price class against each other resulting in a Best of Variety award. Further he wished to offer Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals for excellence, and also sponsored trophies to recognize "Best of Class" and "Best of Show".

This desire was realized in 1990 with the first annual "Jerry D. Mead's New World International Wine Competition". He was very proud of this competition, feeling that it ultimately served the interests of wine consumers worldwide.

──── The Competition ────

Open to wines produced anywhere in the "New World", including all of North America, Central America, and South America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Open to all varietals, generic and proprietary wines grown in those regions and made from traditional grapes or other fruits and/or berries.

All wines judged by price category, ranging from inexpensive through moderate to premium or super-premium prices. Each wine is judged against other of its type and also against its price peers. Consumers are informed as to best wines in each price category.

The only competition in America, and perhaps the world to pit the best wines from each price class against each other to determine an overall best of variety or type.

First American competition to offer not only bronze, silver and gold medals for excellence, but also to offer sponsored trophies to recognize "Best of Class" and "Best of Show" wines.

Up to four sugar classes, where appropriate, for table wines, and three for champagnes and sparkling wines.

All judges are qualified professionals.

All wines judged "double-blind", that is, the judges not only do not know the identity of the wines they are tasting, neither do they have a list of entered wines, which might enable them to guess the wines’ identities.

Results used to help compile statistics for the publications, noted for determining America’s most medal winning wines by actual awards allocated points: California Wine Winners, California Grapevine, and California Gold Wine List.